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Gabby Douglas Rio 2016

For everyone who wants to hate on Gabby Douglas for her “actions” after her team winning the Team Gymnastics gold, stop.

Benjamin Watson – Outspoken Activist

The tight end gives you options on the field.

Voter ID Laws

Today, the voter ID law in NC was struck down by the state’s supreme court.

Why All Lives Matter is the Wrong Argument

I recently had to mansplain something.

How to Take a Stance

The story of Tamir Rice is devastating.

If You Want More Justice in the Justice System

“If you want more justice in the justice system

Yes I’m Mad, but He Won’t Get the Satisfaction

Micelle Obama gave a speech Monday during the DNC that helped calm down some who were still upset over the next email scandal.

Earn My Vote

There’s a reason Black Lives Matter is in Philidelphia this week for the Democratic National Convention.

What to Look for in Her Speech

I’ve never been one to trust a politician.

Elizabeth Warren Stop Lying

She literally personifies the white girl telling everyone she’s “1/16th Cherokee Indian”.

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