Yes I’m Mad, but He Won’t Get the Satisfaction

Micelle Obama gave a speech Monday during the DNC that helped calm down some who were still upset over the next email scandal. I, obviously, didn’t watch Fox News for any speech commentary. I had more motivation to listen to an hour-long tape of nails running across a chalkboard.

For those of you who did, my deepest sympathies. Those who didn’t, Bill O’Riley was tasked with attempting to cover the DNC after day 1. He proceeded to do as all hosts on Fox News do,  and found a way to use the most offensive rhetoric on an unrelated topic. O’Riley said that the slaves who built the White House were “well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.”

Now I could attack the man. We could call him a pathetic excuse for a “journalist”. I could call him a bigot for casually, as most white people do, skipping over the awfulness that was the system of slavery.

But that’s what Bill wants. He doesn’t care about how offensive he is. He knows that all this backlash will result in higher ratings (please God for once could this not happen). Under the principle of “All press is good press”, O’Riley knows what this attempt at offensive sensationalism will do for him.

Let’s let this situation go down as loss for O’Riley and his network. Already this week, the head Fox News had to step down after his sexual assault scandal was growing out of control. So don’t tune into Fox News to see what he’ll say next. Rather, let’s stop watching Fox News and force these hosts to turn their sensationalism into their resignation letters.

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