Today, the voter ID law in NC was struck down by the state’s supreme court.The court later revealed that the laws intentionally discriminated against African Americans. Well duh. But instead shouting at North Carolina lawmakers for creating a racist bill, let’s look at the other provisions that were in the bill. The struck down law would have prevented residents from registering and voting on the same day, and eliminated the ability of voters to vote outside their assigned precinct. Anyone else smell the upper-class privilege implied in these laws? I know as a working man, everyday civics are one of the last things on my mind. So when I have the option of voting early, or registering to vote when I go to vote, I’ll take the convenience over going out of my way to feel my civic duty is complete. 

Thank God for the system of checks and balances that bill was stopped.

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  • I adore this post. I travelled on a couple of trains during boarding school – although it was3;#n9&t glamorous I adored the adventure and motion of the train. I think any mode of transport that involves sleeping while in motion is fun!The pictures of the steam trains – gorgeous