Stereotype of Anti-intellectualism

Many of us have heard the term “acting white” or “quit being white”, this is sometimes the first reaction people get when they see a well behaved and respectable black person.
Claiming that someone is acting “white”, does this then imply that there is no such thing as sophistication in the black race? This is an issue that goes unaddressed, an issue that must be resolved to maintain the dignity of our race. There are many stereotypes about black individuals in society, from the behavioral norms to the dress culture, there is a certain image people have. When there is an educated, respected, well dressed, or well spoken black person it is seen as “out of the norm” which is extremely and bluntly racist. This problem has persisted for quite some time now, and in the future this will only continue if we let it, our children and grandchildren will all experience this racism. It is a problem that must be solved by everyone, especially those who are being labeled that way.

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