Michael Jordan – A Real Hero

We all have a memory of Michael Jordan. Personally, it’s Jordan mid-air in the ’91 Finals. His hand still held high to put a dunk (and eventually the Lakers) away. Mid-jump, Jordan see’s Sam Perkins reaching out to block a dunk that wasn’t getting stopped. Jordan, being Jordan, moves the ball to his left hand for the most elaborate lay up ever witnessed.

Jordan’s off the court legacy hasn’t held up well in our memories. Jordan’s divorce, his crying meme, and the Bobcats (and now Hornets) still struggle to be relevant in an underwhelming East. But today, Jordan finally took a step in a different direction. Jordan donated 1 million dollars to both the NAACP and Institute for Community-Police Relations. Like everyone who dumped ice water on their head for “Likes” and “Retweets” instead of donating money to support ALS research, it is annoying to see every public personality advocate for being pro Black Lives Matter and pro Blue Lives Matter yet refuse to follow up. So it’s refreshing to see someone put their money where their mouth is. Now the question lies in how we’ve reacted to these tragedies. It’s been almost a month since Alton Sterling became a household name. How have you reacted all these happenings? Did you march, or protest? Did you donate to the families of the tragedies? Have done anything in your community to prevent this from happening again? It’s time to start. Ball’s in your court.

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