Elizabeth Warren Stop Lying

She literally personifies the white girl telling everyone she’s “1/16th Cherokee Indian”. US Senator’s don’t get whiter than Elizabeth Warren. Her name alone qualifies her for the same amount of privilege as any other preppy girl you knew back in school.

Breitbart.com recently released their research on the current Massachusetts Senator’s family origins. Warren, who still self-identifies as Native American, has said her “great-great-great-grandfather”, Jonathan Crawford,  married a member of the Cherokee Indian tribe. In Breitbart’s article, they show Warren’s “great-great-great-grandfather” was never married to anyone of Native American descent. Rather, Crawford was a part of the Tennessee Militia who helped round up Cherokee Indians from their homes and sent them along the Trail of Tears. Please tell me I’m not the only one who can see the irony here?

Warren, who has regularly denied the truth that would expose her narrative, says this article is an attempt to “change the subject”. Then let’s change the subject. Elizabeth Warren is not running as Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, and this should be her last term in office for trying to use the minority card to her benefit.

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