There’s a reason Black Lives Matter is in Philidelphia this week for the Democratic National Convention.

Frankly, they have a bigger presence this week than they did last week in Clevland at the Republican National Convention.

This is puzzling because the natural move for BLM should be trying to convince the people who still think all lives matter that Black Lives  Matter. But rather than BLM is going for a more simplistic approach. What will Hillary Clinton do for Black Lives?

It’s no secret that most blacks naturally vote democrat. If you need proof look at demographic results before you knew someone named Barrack. And with the past 2 elections, I would still pick a black President over a white republican every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But as race continues to define the American experience, we need to question what officials we are electing will do for us. Hillary has been on cruise control for most of her election cycle now. Even during primary season, there was never any doubt that a Clinton would emerge over an old socialist. Now that THE election is heating up, it’s time for candidates to start earning votes of the undecided. Now I’m not suggesting that you should go vote for Trump, but force Hillary to earn your vote. And if she doesn’t, abstain.

Although a single silence won’t make a difference, a collective silence is deafening.

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