Civil Rights Pilgrimages- what are they?

Recently a well renowned US Senator named Tim Scott decided to take a “Civil Rights Pilgrimage” to South Carolina.
According to the Senator it is so people can learn about the pioneers from the state such as Septima Clark and about all the heritage the state carries. This idea of a “Pilgrimage” allows individuals to peek into the past and understand the struggle, the significance, and the history of the movement in a way that has never been done before. Some universities and schools do this with their students, but it is something that is not given enough attention. In schools students are taught Civil Rights from their textbooks, but what if they got to visit the sites and really absorb their learning not only in their minds but in their hearts. The idea of a Civil Rights Pilgrimage can be the start of something fantastic, something that anyone and everyone can benefit from. We can teach our children the importance of the freedoms they have today and the struggles their forefathers went through. We can ensure that they respect the liberties they’ve gained through that fight. To truly understand culture one must first learn it, respect it, and adhere to it, allowing the younger generation to do that by visiting important sites around the country will surely help them develop a deeper understanding which they will surely appreciate.


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