What to Look for in Her Speech

I’ve never been one to trust a politician.

Politicians themselves will tell you their careers are built on lies and deception all in the name of greater good. So it comes as no surprise that politicians will make promises only to break them.

As anyone who has check twitter’s trending column this (or last) week can tell you, convention season has arrived. The Republicans began last week with Melania Trump saying her husband isn’t the man you think he is (strange how Obama and Trump share similar qualities when their wives describing their respective husbands) and ended with Donald Trump turning into the cliche that is himself (if you ever want an old white man to lecture and yell at you for an hour and 15 minutes, CNN put his whole speech up online). Yesterday wrapped up a dual effort from first lady Michele Obama and Bernie Sanders attempting to calm a DNC crowd that is still wrapped up in the newest email scandal (yes it involves Hillary). Like last week, the end of the week will come where Hillary Clinton will accept the nomination of her party and begin a speech (I pray one that wraps up in under an hour) that will outline her campaign promises for the office.

This is your daily reminder that Trump, Hillary, or any other politician isn’t a friendly, do good, blue collar-esque person that their campaign makes them out to be. So instead, let’s use Hillary’s speech to outline her policy and allow ourselves to realize how much greater these ideas are instead of a wall and Muslim ban. 

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