Trials for Officers Involved in Freddie Gray’s Death Stays in Baltimore

Attorney’s on behalf of the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death attempted to get a change of venue after presenting arguments that it wouldn’t be possible to find unbiased jurors.

However, baltimore Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams refused the request. The officers’ defense teams also argued that the trials should be moved because the $6.4 million settlement with Gray’s family looks as if the city is admitting guilt and send the message that the officers are guilty before a trial even begins. The judge fired back stating that “The fact that the city settled the civil matter doesn’t affect the criminal matter.”

After the decision was made to keep the trials in Baltimore a group of protestors outside the courthouse chanted in support of the judges decision.

In defense of the judge’s decision Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Micael Schatzow stated that the riots were “Confined to a relatively small geographic area” and don’t effect every Baltimore citizen. 

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