Police Officer Walks Hand-in-Hand With Woman to Help Her Finish 10k

Kentucky woman Asia Ford entered the “Rodes City Run” in Louisville with one goal: Finish. Thanks to the motivation from a local Police officer she was able to reach that goal.

When Asia’s husband lost a limb to diabetes, she decided it was time to get into shape so she could always be there for her children. This race was just a step in her journey, but about 4 miles in she was beginning to struggle.¬†Louisville Metro Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory noticed she was having a hard time and decided to get out of his car¬†to offer her some motivation. He ended walking hand in hand with her for around 2 miles to the finish line, helping the mother reach her goal and prove to her son that anything is possible.

In a time where news and social media are filled with stories of the few officers that abuse their authority, this story is a nice example of what the majority of the police force in our country is really all about.

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