Floyd Mayweather Rocks $25,000 Mouthpiece With $100 Bills Inside

From the million dollars in cash he always carries with him, to his $25,000 mouthpiece’s stuffed with real $100 bills, Floyd Mayweather has certainly earned his nickname, “Money.”

TMZ Sports recently released the article showing Floyd’s pricey new mouth-guards made by one of the most well-known mouthpiece makers in all of sports, Dr. Lee Gause.

Gause uses everything from real gold flakes to diamonds to $100 bills to create each customized guard, and to most the $25k price tag would seem extravagant. But when your name is Floyd “Money” Mayweather, it somehow doesn’t seem so bad.

Floyd does go on to say that the Gause custom mouthpiece allows him to breathe much better during a fight, and when you’re the undefeated world champ who are we to call the price-tag too high.

Keep doing you Floyd!

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