CAUGHT: Blackfish Film Star Caught Calling Blacks, “N*ggers”

We obtained cell phone video footage of John Hargrove, from the movie documentary Blackfish, repeatedly using the word, “niggers.”

“Did you think it was a bad idea to ask these ni**ers to help you?”

“What did the clerk do when he saw five ni**ers in the convenience store go ‘hey pretty little white girl’ (inaudible). He didn’t say anything?”

“What you ni**ers doing throwing them rocks?”


This drunk racist just can’t help himself. One of Hargrove’s associates leaked this footage and these words are coming from Hargrove’s own mouth.

Hargrove says he’s not a racist. In fact, he’s got a ton of excuses. He blames his former employer, SeaWorld, for bringing this video to light. He then blames the alcohol. He blames having a good time. He says this is meant to distract people.

He didn’t apologize to African Americans.

He does say “he regrets the night happened.” Getting caught is a bitch.

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