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T.W. Shannon, Former Oklahoma Speaker of The House, Appointed New Chair of National GOB Board

T.W. Shannon has been named the chairman of a national Republican committee that has intentions to bring more diversity to the GOP candidates. 

Cavs Fall Behind After Warriors Take 3-2 Lead

Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET you can catch the Warriors and the Cavaliers battling it out for the NBA Finals Trophy.

Kids Watch Ice Cream Truck Driver Get Gunned Down

In Maryland 22-year-old ice cream truck driver Brandon Brown was fatally shot while selling treats to kids. 

McKinney Incident Deveops

More footage of the McKinney incident has been posted.  

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 1.57.49 PM

61 People Arrested in NJ After Concert Gets Out of Hand

A rowdy crowd outside of a Hot 97 Summer Jam Concert was dispersed using tear gas and pepper spray.

McKinney Texas Police Officer Video Goes Viral

This scene unfolded following calls reporting a disturbance at a neighborhood pool in McKinney, Texas.

Lesson from a Real Black Father on Parenting

There’s been a trend of black folks shaving their kids’s heads on the internet. Here’s another take on parenting…

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